Make Peace
with Your History

I am a Way-shower to people in transitions, helping them discover and honour their internal essence of who they are

I am a Way-shower to people in transitions…

… helping them discover and honour their internal essence of who they are. Find peace and discover wisdom within—Disentangle from known conditioning and habits and unearth your unique authentic flavour of a soul in human form. Make peace with your history and where you come from. I help people work through blocks and stuck energy in order to reestablish flow and vitality. 

Live your life on purpose through connecting to your essential self. When we come into our authenticity, we learn to manage the self-critic. Through the process of psychospiritual counselling and facilitation, clients develop awareness and connection to their inner experience. Being authentic and expressing themselves with integrity, freedom is revealed as they learn to follow what has heart and meaning and make conscious choices. Qualities such as grounded-centeredness and contentment are embodied and lived. Improve the way you feel by trusting your experience and cultivating intuitive clarity.  Deep self-acceptance is the gift from developing intimacy with yourself, it then opens the door for acceptance and intimacy with others. I allow the wisdom within each person to lead the way. I support the emergence. 

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Brett Vasquez